About Us

The Book

This book has been in the making for just over two years. It was a process where author Ekundayo Chidimma had to come to realize that she needed to quantum-leap past her past in order to ensure that her future was not anymore adversely affected. She needed to have closure from a really horrific stage of her life, where, for over a decade, she lived in fear where love was promised.

The expression of herself literarily was easy because of her profession, and the added belief that by sharing her own experiences, she would be able to shed some light to the people who are going through a similar ordeal. Through her testimony, she hopes to encourage someone else into knowing and accepting that you are Too Worthy to Be Abused.

Personal Touch

Because of the writer's experience living in and surviving an abusive relationship for over a decade, she is personally empowered and willing to entertain dialogue, share her testimony at churches, social events or conferences or conduct interviews on the topic.

Zero Tolerance Movement

We recognize that there are other movements and we are willing to connect and partner. Collaboration is fundamental to achieve the objective and goal of eliminating the scourge or at least lessening the incidences of Domestic Violence. Passivity and lip service won't do it. There must be proactivity and follow throughs. 

The louder the voices, the greater the chances of making a positive impact on the lives of victims and perpetrators of Domestic Violence and in the lives of their family members and friends who are consequently affected. 

We must solicit the collective support of Domestic Violence survivors, former perpetrators, advocacy groups, non governmental organizations, the police, the Bar Association, the health sector and private sector entities in this fight. 

This book is an accelerated step on my part. As the author, I chronicle my experience and hope that others will be motivated to stop the abuse or get out of an abusive relationship, as the case might be.